Nickolas & Paige: July 27, 2019

by Lisa Knobloch

On a beautiful July day family and friends gathered at Living Waters Church to witness the marriage of Nicholas and Paige.  Looking through the pictures that captured the love and beauty of this special day I hardly knew which ones to pick because they were all so beautiful.

The wooden cross on the alter was adorned with white flowers and greenery which was the backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Satin ribbons, greenery and roses lined the pews down the aisle.

Paige chose lush bouquets filled with white and blush flowers.

Her bridesmaids a downsize bouquet of hers.

The reception was held at the beautiful Pere Marquette.  Paige picked 3 different centerpieces to fill her tables.   Tall floral arrangements on brass pillars gave height to the large room and made a statement when you first entered the room.

Gold compote containers filled with lush garden flowers were the perfect low centerpiece.

The third centerpiece was gold candlesticks surrounded by greenery.

It is always nice when you can use the arrangements from the ceremony at the reception.  We were able to move the flowers on the cross to the arbor at the reception.  The ceremony backdrop became the backdrop for the photo booth area!

We were also able to re purpose the centerpieces that were used at the rehearsal dinner the night before.  They made the perfect addition to the tables that were on each side of the dance floor.

There were so many amazing details at this wedding and I wish I could share each and every picture from the day.  Head over to my portfolio page to see more images from this beautiful day!

Congratulations Nickolas and Paige!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make your day beautiful and  I look forward to following your love story as it continues!


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