Kamaelas Kreamery

by Lisa Knobloch

One afternoon I received a text from Kami and Mikaela asking if I would do a bridal bouquet for a photo shoot to promote their business.  My answer was ABSOLUTELY YES!!!  These girls took a camper and with the help of family and friends converted into a traveling ice cream shop called the “Little Dipper”.  How fun is that….it doesn’t get any better than ice cream!!!  I am amazed how these girls took a dream they had talked about and made it a reality.  Their cute camper and yummy ice cream would be a great addition to your summer celebration, birthday party, reunion, wedding, ball game, town festival…..this list could go on forever because ice cream makes everything better!!!

Meet the owners of Little Dipper, Kami and Mikaela.  They are two of the sweetest girls and have been best friends since… probably birth 🙂  They have a great time together and always bring laughter to a room!

They have lots of yummy flavors with very cute and original names.  Like yippy skippy which is a peanut butter, exhausted parent which is a coffee and bourbon, this just got serious which is a salted caramel, lemon poppy seed, and many more great flavors!

Now to the wedding photo shoot!  How fun would this be a your wedding reception!

Give these girls a call to book them for your wedding or summer/fall celebration!  You can reach them on facebook or instagram!  Don’t wait too long because their schedule is filling up fast!


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