The joy of working together!

by Lisa Knobloch

This summer I had a weekend where I had two weddings.  My little cooler was filled to capacity with greens and flowers and there was much to be done!  That week my daughter in law Leah, and my daughter Alisha, came to help and be the extra hands I needed to get everything done!  It was so much fun having them here to help me.  Leah is a natural and has helped me with other weddings.  She digs right in prepping flowers, and containers, helping with boutonnieres, cleaning up and even went with me to help set up at both receptions.  Alisha was also eager to help with all the prep work and her artistic writing came in handy because she made cute tags to go on all my boutonnieres,  corsages and wristlets.   I loved having her here to take great pictures of everything.  I often get so busy that I forget to get pictures of all the flowers!   I love to share my love of flowers with my girls and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to everyone on my blog!  I asked the girls to write a little about themselves so you could meet my Garden of Grace team!!!!


Hi, Garden of Grace readers!  My name is Leah Knobloch.  I married Lisa’s oldest son, Devon.  We have two beautiful girls, Paisley and Tatum, who love to play in Grandma’s fairy garden and usually come home with flowers.  I am a busy stay at home mom and also babysit three other little girls during the week.  I love to spend time with my little family, and go on adventures with them.  I have a love for coffee, baking, and hosting family or friends.  Devon and I dated all through high school, and then married in college.  I’ve known this family for almost half my life, and it’s been such a blessing.  It has been so fun to watch my mother-in-law follow her passion of working with flowers and doing what she loves!  I enjoy seeing all the details of a wedding come together and seeing the end result after months of planning.  Working with flowers is a great escape for me and a chance to be creative.  I enjoy prepping all the flowers and I feel like I am constantly learning something new.    When I was living at home I use to plant thousands of lisianthus, and many other flowers that my mom grew in her hoop house and flower beds.  She would sell them to a local wholesaler and also sell her bouquets she made in a flower cart by the road.  At the time I thought growing flowers were more of a chore than fun but now it has been fun to see how things come full circle.  Lisa has a gift and I am so thankful to help along the way where I can!

Here is a fun little fact.  Our wedding was Lisa’s first wedding.  Our mothers worked together on it and it is such a great memory of mine from our special day.



Hi, my name is Alisha and am Lisa’s only daughter and grew up with three brothers.  I am an elementary teacher by day, and creative by “spare time”.  My husband Brice and I live in Washington, IL and have been married for three years.  I have a part time business, Etre Design & Co., which specializes in watercolor and calligraphy.  I love Jesus, a good novel, tasty lattes, celebrating holidays and special occasions, creating things with my hands, and hosting gatherings.  Growing up, I had the opportunity to see my mother develop her love for flowers through her flower gardens in our backyard.  As she started working in a flower shop as a floral designer, her creativity exploded and her love for the little details and the different textures she likes to bring into her bouquets.  I love that she takes such an interest in each and every client she works with making sure their wedding day is exactly what they wanted and more.  To say she is gifted at what she does would be an understatement and being able to help my mother with busy wedding weekends is such a joy.  I am so blessed and honored to be a small part of the Garden of Grace team, and look forward to helping her create the most special touches for your big day.




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Jacki September 17, 2017 - 3:17 am

So thankful my girl met your boy and God pulled it all together ❤️❤️ friends became family ❤️❤️


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